All-in-one Guide for Buying Infinito Points & Getting INFT Airdrop as a Point Owner
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It’s official: Point Sale starts on August 2nd, 2019 at 11AM (SGT+8). 300,000 Points will be available for purchase in Round 1 on a first-come, first-served basis via

As the Point Sale requires buyers to pass KYC, we are releasing the website early so that interested users can register their KYC profile in advance to grab their Infinito Points as soon as possible on the launch date. We’ve also prepared this detailed guide to help you easily register for KYC and buy Points once they’re available, as well as understand how to receive your INFT airdrop tokens as a Point owner.

Infinito Points Packages

Infinito Points are sold in 5 different types of packages with 1 Point = 1 USDT, though the bigger the package, the better price per Point you get. The amount of airdrop INFT token you will receive depends on the type of Point package you choose. Keep in mind that several partner offers are locked to higher-tiered packages.

  • Standard (50 USDT): 50 Points – 13,100 INFT
  • Bronze (100 USDT): 100 Points – 27,500 INFT
  • Silver (950 USDT): 1,000 Points – 287,500 INFT
  • Gold (9,100 USDT): 10,000 Points – 3,000,000 INFT
  • Platinum (90,000 USDT): 100,000 Points – 32,500,000 INFT

You can pay for Infinito Points using BTC, ETH, USDT-Omni, and USDT-ERC20.

How to Buy Infinito Points

1/ Pass KYC:

To start purchasing Points, you need to pass KYC by submitting basic identification information and passing a “liveness” test. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Sign up for an account. Enter your email and password.

***Please use the same email that you use for KYC account to register an account on Infinito Point Sale Website, as we are using a third-party vendor for this KYC process. Thank you for understanding!

Step 2: You will receive an email with the verification code, titled “Ares Verification Code”. Enter the code to confirm your account.

Step 3: Login. At Document OCR, enter your Full name, Country of Residence, Nationality, Date of Birth, and Gender. Then click Submit.

Step 4: Click Complete Required Forms and select the crayon icon to edit. Enter your Residential Details and click Complete to continue. Then click Next.

Step 5: Click Start Liveness Test and follow the instructions on the screen, especially the indications are given by the tool to position your head correctly. Then click Next.


Step 6: Click (+) to submit your Proof of Address. Select the Document Type, Issue Date then click on the camera icon to upload or capture a photo of your document. Then click Submit and click Next.
***Your Proof of Address DOES NOT need to be in English & please make sure that your the document is not older than 3 months!

Step 7: Click (+) to submit your Form of Identification. Fill in the required field, then click on the camera icon to upload or capture a photo of your ID document or passport. Then click submit and click next.

***The ID MUST be in English so we recommend you use your PASSPORT if your ID is not in English. Make sure that the document is valid for the next 6 months and use a good quality, colored scan or picture, not photocopies (especially black & white)!

Step 8: Click Send for KYC and select OK. Then click Next.

Your KYC profile has been sent. In the next 15 minutes, you will be able to see your status.

After 15 minutes, if your KYC Records shows Clear, you have passed KYC. If you have not created a Membership Account on Point Sale website, please proceed to do so using the same email as your KYC website account. After that, you are ready to join the first round of Point Sale on August 2nd!

However, if your KYC Records shows Pending, your KYC profile will be under review and this process will take up to 24 hours. After 24 hours, please go back to check your KYC status.

If your profile was Rejected, please re-check your submitted information & try again by registering a new account on the KYC website to redo KYC correctly. **Please note that to buy Points, your Membership Account needs to be the same email as the KYC account that passed. So if you failed KYC before & passed with a new email, please register for a new Membership Account using that passed email.

***If you made typo mistakes in your KYC submission, you can get help by contacting our support team at [email protected].

2/ Buy Points When the Sale Opens

Once passed KYC, you can start purchasing Infinito Points when the sale begins via or directly on Infinito Wallet app.

Step 1: Register Infinito Membership Account using the same email you used to register KYC if you haven’t. Then log in.
Step 2: Choose the Point package(s) you want to buy and select Order Now.
Step 3: Choose the package Quantity and your preferred Payment Currency, then hit Place Order.

Step 4: Pay by scanning the QR code or sending the funds to our address.
*If you buy Points on Infinito Wallet, your crypto address will be auto-filled. After an order is placed, if we do not receive your payment within 3 hours, it will be canceled.
Step 5: After paying, you will receive a confirmation email. To view your order details, check the Purchase History page.
Step 6: If you buy early, you can Claim special offers on the Rewards page. These are first-come, first-claimed so be quick!

Points will be distributed to your account immediately, while INFT will be airdropped to your ETH address every 3 months starting after token listing.

How to Get Your INFT Airdrop as A Point Owner

INFT will be distributed to Point holders following the below schedule and under certain conditions. These conditions have been designed to encourage users to participate in and benefit from the Infinito ecosystem and might be updated over time to better reflect the evolution of the ecosystem.

Point holders will receive 20% of the total token reward once the token is listed. After this, you will receive 5% of the total token reward every 3 months and an extra 5% every month if they meet one of the following conditions once a month:

  • Participate in a voting campaign for Infinito roadmap when it happens
  • Use Infinito Wallet or Dapp on Infinito Ecosystem at least once/month
  • Participate in a Dapp review or voting campaign when it happens
  • Stake Infinito Tokens when staking feature is introduced
  • Use Point or Infinito Token to conduct transactions, when feature is introduced

For example, if you meet one of the required conditions 2 months out of three, you will receive 15% of the total token reward (instead of 20%). All of these actions can be performed via Infinito Wallet’s full, final version of Premium Hub, which will be released around the end of August.

We hope you will enjoy Infinito Points and INFT. Our team will continue to bring exceptional crypto experience to you and even more valuable rewards programs. Together, Infinito team and partners would like to give the biggest thank to our users for always supporting us.

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