Start Importing Your EOS Private Keys with Infinito Wallet!

August 13, 2018

Infinito Wallet is excited to announce that users can start importing EOS Private Key with version update 1.13.0 on 13th August 2018. This feature is to support all EOS users with EOS accounts or private keys elsewhere to import to Infinito Wallet and manage it along with various other coins and tokens.

For new users who are still unfamiliar with the Public-Private key pair concept, check out our previous blog post to learn more.

How To Import Private Key Into Infinito Wallet:

Please follow these simple steps outlined below. Remember to enable the right EOS (with white logo) coin on your dashboard beforehand.

Step 1: Open Infinito Wallet and click on “EOS” logo.
Step 2: Input your Private Key or Scan its QR code then tap “Next”.
Step 3: Input your current wallet’s Password then hit “Import EOS Private Key”.
Step 4: You’ve imported your EOS private key successfully!

As usual, Infinito Wallet ensures all processes are quick and intuitive, bringing value to users in the most streamlined manner possible. Also, on new version update, we will improve error message to be more specific when users manage their resource. Together with Private Key Export, Buy/Sell RAM, Staking/Unstaking functions launched earlier in July, now user can conveniently manage their EOS account along with assets on multiple devices for different purposes.

Coming very soon in late August, Infinito Wallet will enable all EOS tokens for users to join EOS Token Airdrops with our universal wallet. Also, we will cooperate with prestigious partners from leading blockchains to bring further security, convenience, and practical functionality to crypto users worldwide.

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Shane Tran Thai
Shane Tran Thai