Infinito Wallet fully supports Bitcoin Cash’s 15th November 2018 hard fork

November 14, 2018

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork is scheduled to take place on 15th November 2018 around 4:40 pm UTC. You can view the fork countdown here. (Please be aware that we do not vouch for the accuracy for of this site). The BCH’s upgrade is more controversial than previous ones since there are strong opposing opinions about how the protocol should work. Thus the likely outcome is that there will be multiple chains after the hard fork.

To prepare for this hard fork, Infinito Wallet will only support Bitcoin ABC’s proposal which follows the roadmap published at You can view details of the upgrade here.

Rest assured that holding Bitcoin Cash private key prior to the fork date gives you access to all new coins from this hard fork. Infinito Wallet will confirm later whether we will support alternative chains such as Bitcoin SV, or Bitcoin NayBC, etc.

In case you want to claim tokens from other alternative chains right after the fork date, we recommend that:

  • Before the fork, you should send your BCH to trusted Services. Bittrex Exchange has announced that they will support the hard fork and BSV split tokens. Read their statement here. Several Exchanges also announce their support for the BCH hard fork. Infinito Wallet offers no guarantee that these services will work as claimed. Please proceed at your own risk.


  • Export your BCH private key to “claim” alternative chain coins when their official tools are developed. Infinito Wallet offers no guarantee as for when these tools will be available, if at all. Please proceed at your own risk.

What will happen before and after the fork?

Before the fork: Do not withdraw BCH one hour before the hardfork happens (approximately 3:30pm UTC). Please be sure to make any BCH transactions you need before this time.

After the fork: After the fork has taken place, all activities involving BCH can be carried out as normal on Infinito Wallet.

As a general warning, please do not share your passphrase or private key with anyone. As seen with past blockchain forks, there will be many scam services pretending to help users to claim new coins, but instead steal their funds.

Thank you for your continued support for Infinito Wallet,

Infinito team.

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Annie Thai
Annie Thai