Infinito Wallet Impresses at TECHNOMART Blockchain in Malaysia

October 25, 2018

This October 24th, Infinito team traveled to Selangor, Malaysia to attend TECHNOMART Blockchain: Adding Value through Blockchain. The event was organized by our partners Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV) and MIGHT (Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology). Prominent speakers from local prestigious universities, government institutions, as well as blockchain industry leaders gathered to share the latest insights and updates on the potential of blockchain. At the same time, we discussed potential talent development programs to increase blockchain awareness thus adoption in Malaysia.

Representing Infinito Wallet, Marketing Co-Leader, Charlie Bussat went over how much interest startups, developers, and universities have in blockchain technology and the current obstacles in the way of mainstream adoption. He introduced our ultimate solutions to solve these problems: Infinito Ecosystem, which is designed to enable blockchain mass adoption by powering safe and efficient utilization of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Charlie also met with Malaysian universities for a potential future collaboration program to enhance blockchain awareness among students and researchers. Infinito Wallet hopes to spread blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption by making this new technology more easy and accessible to everyone. And we want to start through giving the public a better understanding of blockchain and its numerous potential benefits for society.

“Blockchain needs to be accessible, secure and easy for everyone” said Mrs. Datuk Fadilah Baharin, General Director of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation.  

Infinito Team is proud to have been a part of this amazing event along with our partners Infinity Blockchain Ventures, Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology and other blockchain experts. We would like to give special thanks to our media partner Asia Blockchain Review (ABR) for connecting all blockchain enthusiasts and facilitate a collaborative community dedicated for blockchain mass adoption and development.

Coming up next, Infinito Team will travel to Tokyo, Japan to speak at the 14th BBC Meet-up to discuss Cryptocurrency wallets with a fun reward program. Stay tuned for more on this event!

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About IBV and MIGHT

Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV) is a dynamic consulting and development firm dedicated to providing practical blockchain solutions. MIGHT is a technology think-tank with an emphasis on market intelligence initiatives using the foresight practices and methodology to identify technology and business opportunities, operating under the purview of the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department.

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Annie Thai
Annie Thai