Preparing for the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork with Infinito Wallet!

May 15, 2018

The Bitcoin ABC developers have officially announced the Bitcoin Cash network hard fork on May 15. Our Infinito Wallet’s developers are doing everything possible to protect the digital asset of our  users.

What Is The Main Change?

As you may already know, the Bitcoin Cash network is determined to upgrade the consensus rules on May 15th, 2018. Therefore, you should upgrade to Bitcoin ABC 0.17.1 as soon as you get a chance if you are running a Bitcoin Cash node. Notably, the main change is the increase of the maximum block size to 32 MB. Accordingly, the transaction speed will increase up to 61 transactions per second which is far more better than Bitcoin network with merely three or four transactions per second due to its small-scale block size.

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Protection solutions from us

In reality, Infinito Wallet has our own methods, experience as well as clear process to deal with this. Since the news spreaded, we have been working hard to make all of your BCH tokens are protected and safe. And now we can confirm that you as end-users do not need to do anything during the fork to protect your digital assets within Infinito Wallet. In other words, no new security setup is required from your side and Infinito Wallet takes care of everything for you!

This is another proof to demonstrate that Infinito Wallet always makes the most of our ability to support end-users in front of any potential risks. By the way, don’t be overwhelmed by overlapping information out there but being extremely cautious are our advice. We always stand by you!


Charlie Bussat
Charlie Bussat