How To Send And Receive Cryptocurrency

February 1, 2018

Sending cryptocurrency

You want to send your cryptocurrencies, but you don’t know how to do It. To help you, we have put together a guide to enable you to send and receive cryptocurrencies easily through Infinito Wallet.

Why should you send your cryptocurrencies?


They are many reasons to send your cryptocurrencies. The main one is that you need to store your assets in a secure environment, so on a cryptocurrency wallet. You have your cryptocurrencies on an exchange platform and want to store them in a safe place. The second reason can be that you want to pay for a service with your cryptocurrencies on those platforms or sooner or later on Amazon and eBay.

Much more reason exists, we are going to focus on these ones.

How to send your cryptocurrencies?


First of all, you have your cryptocurrencies can be stored in two places. It concerns


  • Exchange platform

    such as Coinbase. This solution is straightforward but has limits, such as the viability and security of that platform. Those platforms are focusing on trading and not on security so they often neglect the storing of data and end up being hacked. 


  • Cryptocurrency wallet

    , such as Infinito Wallet. Being developed around security and compliance, it ensures a 24/7 usage. Also, Infinito Wallet is designed to provide a seamless and straightforward experience, from multi-coin storage to contact management. Contact management will facilitate and secure your sendings and receive.


Those two tools enable you to have an address that will authenticate while sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. But, also when doing transactions, keep in mind that every address is unique.




To send cryptocurrency you need to have a look at your secured cryptocurrency wallet or exchange to verify that you have enough cryptocurrencies to send.  Then you enter the address or scan the QR code of the transfer destination. Following this step, you’re set up a Gas price that you want to apply when it concerns Coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and more. By doing so, you will choose at what speed you want the transfer to occur the higher you are ready to pay a transaction fee the faster the transaction will happen.




To receive cryptocurrency, you need click on the cryptocurrency you want to receive such as Bitcoin, Ethereum for coins or EOS, TRON, ICON for token and copy and paste the address or make the sender scan your QR code. Also, a cryptocurrency transfer is irreversible, so it is crucial that you and the sender check that the address used is correct even after pasting it; to ensure that no error occurs we advise you using the Contact Management feature on Infinito Wallet Cryptocurrency Wallet.

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Charlie Bussat
Charlie Bussat