How to Store Your Cryptocurrency Securely

January 29, 2018

Having cryptocurrency is an incredible feeling, having them stored in a secure place is even better. This article will explain how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet.

Cryptocurrency exchanger doesn’t store money; they store keys that enable you to access your assets (coins and tokens). Several types of cryptocurrencies wallets exist such as Mobile, Desktop, Hardware, and Web.

  • Mobile:

    Cryptocurrency Wallet that stores on a mobile app. security on a smartphone is very efficient because the apps are isolated from each other. Also, having your wallet “on you” all the time is very convenient for when you want to send or receive cryptocurrencies.


  • Desktop:

    Cryptocurrency Wallet that stores on your desktop. A computer is in constant danger if it is connected to the internet. Your cryptocurrencies are at risk of getting stolen as well as the potential for damage from malware or virus. The solution is to keep your computer offline. Also, needing to access your desktop every time you want to access you cryptocurrencies is not convenient.


  • Hardware:
    Cryptocurrency Physical device such as a USB that is dedicated to storing cryptocurrencies. It is potentially the most secure place to store your cryptocurrencies but gives you insufficient access to your cryptocurrencies.


  • Web:

    Online wallets that store coins on a website are not secure because they’re connected to the internet so a virus or malware could hack in and steal your assets


Choose the one that suits you the best.

Furthermore, we will go through Infinito Wallet and bring you through its different features.


Infinito Wallet Configuration


Infinito Wallet is simple to use and light in storing space, as well as being solidly secured enabling every user to own their private key. Also, the decentralised environment provided by the platform offers the safest experience.

Download it on your Android or iPhone!

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The first time you open Infinito Wallet, it asks if you want to Create a Wallet or Restore a previous one:

When creating a wallet, you are invited to write down a 12 words backup passphrase, keep it as you treasure your private key and will enable you to restore your wallet if you lose your phone. The private key is encrypted and stored on your devices.

You’ll then need to create a password to access your account after you have locked your screen or left the cryptocurrency wallet app. You can also choose a password to use the Touch ID feature offered in Infinito Wallet allowing seamless access to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Cryptocurrency Wallet

Congratulation, you’ve finished creating an account. Now, start storing your Bitcoins, BitcoinCash, Ethereum on your wallet. Also, access all the ERC20 tokens by looking for them in the Token Search section and adding them to your dashboard.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Cryptocurrency Wallet

It’s time to import and safely store your cryptocurrencies. To do so, enter your wallet address on the exchange you are using such as Coinbase, Kraken

Your coins are now stored in a safe cryptocurrency wallet. Don’t worry about the security of their storage and instead concentrate on investing and trading.


Charlie Bussat
Charlie Bussat