EOS’ Revolutionary Transformation: Are You Ready for It?
Jun 14, 2018
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Amongst the promising new cryptocurrencies of 2018, EOS is indisputably THE most prominent and talked-about of them all. As of today, it is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with a market cap of about $10 billion and is still rising non-stop. With its incredible transaction speed, versatile DApps/smart contracts, and flexible governing principles, EOS has rightfully earned its status as a respectable competitor in the race of the soon-to-be third generation blockchains, competing with the likes of NEO, Cardano, and ICON.

EOS is currently going through its historic MainNet launch and soon, many new concepts and events will be brought about by such substantial changes. Let’s discuss these new topics and learn how Infinito Wallet helps you tackle them!

What is an EOS Account Name and Why Do You Need One?


One of the biggest differences between EOS MainNet and 2.0 as well as other blockchains is the addition of Account Name. As officially stated by EOS, an account name is a human-readable name that is stored on the blockchain. Functioning similarly to traditional public keys, account names are mandatory for transferring or pushing transactions to the blockchain. However, they are much shorter in length and much less complex in character composition. This is a small yet meaningful refinement that brings more convenience to users through the way it simplifies crypto transactions.

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It is worth noting that if you are the account name owner, you reserve the right to assign active roles to whomever you trust. Most importantly, the owner has complete control over all active roles and thus can limit their usage or even prevent them from accessing the EOS account entirely. Registering an EOS account name will, however, cost a small fee, and this procedure is compulsory for all EOS MainNet users.

The First Wave of Airdrop on EOS MainNet: Never Miss a Chance!

In the crypto world, Airdrop is essentially a word-of-mouth marketing tactic, promoting specific tokens by distributing them to crypto communities for free. Compared to an ICO where investors are required to participate in Private and Public Sales to purchase tokens, an Airdrop eliminates this investment process and instead gives more value to individuals while also just as effectively, if not more so, spread the word of their offering to communities.

EOS is quickly becoming a fan-favourite blockchain amongst crypto communities and as such, many token startups are starting to make their debut on this promising platform. As the universal Infinito Wallet is expanding its inclusivity to EOS, every Airdrop offered on EOS MainNet will soon be fully supported by us! It is a common and sound strategy for crypto users to take advantage of free tokens and start accumulating them from the very beginning. And now, EOS-invested users of our wallet can fully experience the joy of owning free tokens and do just that!

What Else?

Once EOS finishes their MainNet transition, Infinito Wallet will allow users to check their account balance as well as managing transaction history on this new network, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in this ambitious third-generation blockchain. Following our support for EOS Token Registration and official EOS MainNet support announcement, these are what we have in plan for the growing EOS community!

Infinito is extremely proud and honoured to bring the innovations of our ever-expanding ecosystem to our growing user base as well as all crypto communities. We wholeheartedly appreciate your continued support and we look forward to the never-ending growths of blockchain and exploring how we can contribute to this incredible technology.

Infinito Wallet is one of the foundations of Infinito Ecosystem for users to manage crypto wealth, enjoy applications and to make payments securely and seamlessly in few clicks, while businesses can efficiently build and launch successful blockchain innovations. Through our ecosystem, Infinito aims to drive true blockchain mass adoption for both users and businesses by solving the problems of poor experience, interoperability, and general inaccessibility they are facing in decentralized world.

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