What’s New
  • Features:
    – Support check balance, make transaction and select account for EOS native Coin.
    – Integrate About Us page.
    – Improve the Feedback form to make it more user-friendly.
    – Currency: Support more fiat currency: Vietnam Dong, Russian Ruble, Korean Won, British Pound Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollar
  • Coins support: BTC – ETH – BCH – LTC – NEO – GAS – DOGE – DASH – ETC – EOS
  • Tokens support: ETH ERC20 / NEO NEP-5, EOS & Global Assets
What’s New
  • Features:
    – ETC coin
    – BCH claiming
    – “About us” function: showing Infinito Blog/ Twitter/ Reddit/ Website,… so users could rely on and go directly to those websites.
  • Coins support: BTC – ETH – BCH – LTC – NEO – GAS – DOGE – DASH – ETC
  • Tokens support: ETH ERC20 / NEO NEP-5 & Global Assets
What’s New
  • Features:
    – EOS registration
    – Send / Receive using new BCH address
  • Coins support: BTC – ETH – BCH – LTC – NEO – GAS – DOGE – DASH
  • Tokens support: ETH ERC20 / NEO NEP-5 & Global Assets
What’s New
  • Features:
    – Claimable GAS
    – Web block explorer: BTC – BCH – LTC – DOGE – DASH
  • Coins support: BTC – ETH – BCH – LTC – NEO – GAS – DOGE – DASH
  • Tokens: ETH ERC20 / NEO NEP-5 & Global Assets
What is Infinito Wallet?

Infinito Wallet is not only a user-friendly & secure mobile wallet with localized support for cryptocurrency users but also a world-class multi-asset regulation-compliant wallet for traders and investors.

Is Infinito Wallet safe and secure?

Yes, Infinito Wallet is resonably safe and secured because your cryptocurrency data is not stored on servers. Your digital assets can; therefore, not be stolen from the internet. You, however, must be careful not to share passwords or passphrases, as doing so could allow unauthorized access to funds. Please store passwords and passphrases in a safe place.

Is there a fee to use Infinito Wallet?

Infinito Wallet is free to use. Though please note that with all blockchain transactions, when sending funds, a fee will be charged to process the transaction, respective to each type of cryptocurrency involved.
*1 The geographical distance or timezone does not affect the amount of transaction fee.
*2 Transaction fee can be set from the Options menu. The higher transaction fees, the faster transactions are confirmed. In contrast, the lower transaction fees, the slower transactions are confirmed.

Do you log my activity in your servers?

No, we don’t .

Why should I claim Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency based on a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. If you owned BTC before block 478558 was mined (around August 1, 2017), you have the equivalent number of BCH coins as you do BTC.

And please be assured that your BTC will not be affected. BTC and BCH are completely independent and separate currencies.

How to claim Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Click on the link below and follow all the steps.

Step 1: Input your 12-word recovery passphrase to restore your wallet.

Step 2: Wait. It will be checking how much Bitcoin Cash you have. This process may take some minutes to complete, please do not quit while it is working.

Step 3: Input your BCH address. It is automatically filled with your wallet address for BCH, but you can change it to another address.

Step 4: Claim your BCH and send. This process may take 1-2 hours and cannot be reversible.

Can I deposit FIAT (USD, EUR, etc) money into Infinito Wallet?

Unfortunately Infinito wallet does not accept FIAT money or debit/credit cards.

Can I remit (transfer) funds to multiple addresses in 1 transaction?

No. But this feature might be included with Infinito Wallet in a future version.

Can Infinito Wallet be utilized offline?

No. Without an internet connection, the balance and some functions will not work properly. Hence, please ensure that you have a decent internet connection when using Infinito Wallet.

Can I delete my address?

The address to your wallet cannot be deleted. But access can be removed by uninstalling the wallet application.

Why do I have to enter password when I activate a new coin such as LTC/ BCH?

You only have to enter password for the first time activating a new coin. The password is important for seedphrase decryption within your local device as it helps to generate a new address for your new coin.
This is security measure. There are many wallets which do not require this step, the reasons are:
1. They already initiated all coins from the time users created a wallet. But this action will slow down creation of the wallet process, which forces users to wait for long time.
2. They do not encrypt seedphrase in your local device, it means they store your seedphrase somewhere else and use that data for any purposes and at anytime. It means security violation.

Can I delete my wallet?

The wallet cannot be deleted, but Infinito Wallet can be uninstalled from your device to prevent further access.

Can Infinito Wallet be utilized as a cold storage wallet?

Infinito Wallet cannot be utilized as a complete cold storage wallet. If the device which hosts Infinito Wallet is not connected to the internet, however, it would function as a pseudo cold storage wallet.

Can I utilize the same address from another wallet on Infinito Wallet?

No, due to the unique characteristics of HD wallets, one existing address cannot be transfered to another.

Can I create multiple wallets on a single device?

No. But this feature is being included in Infinito Wallet in a future version.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

You can view the terms and conditions here. Your internet browser will be used to view the terms and conditions.

What does it mean to backup your wallet?

To backup your wallet is to generate and store your 12 word recovery passphrase. If you mistakenly uninstall your wallet or damage the device where your wallet was running, you can recover your wallet and its data with the 12 word recovery passphrase. You can also restore your fund on different HD wallets using the same 12 word recovery passphrase.

What is the password used for?

Password protects your assets from those unauthorized accesses in the lock screen. Moreover, when you send funds, a password is required to authorize the transaction.

What is the recovery passphrase?

The recovery passphrase is a 12-English-word phrase used to securely restore a wallet. To restore a wallet and its data / digital assets, users simply enter the 12-word passphrase into any compliant wallet.

What is ERC20 token?

‘ERC’ stands for ‘Ethereum Request for Comments”. This is an official protocol for proposing improvements to the Ethereum network. ’20’ is the unique proposal ID number.
‘ERC20’ is a standard that tokens on the Ethereum network can meet. Tokens that meet all the necessary requirements are deemed ‘ERC20 Tokens’. These tokens are blockchain assets that have value, and can be sent and received, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency.

What are the characteristics of an HD wallet?

An HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet uses a master seed (unique 12 word passphrase) to protect your wallet. With this unique 12 word passphrase, the dangers of unauthorized access of your digital assets are minimalized.

What is a distributed wallet?

A distributed wallet is an open source wallet, where the transaction history and technical details are open to the public. The transparency results in a high degree of security because history is technically impossible to manipulate and all transactions are monitored. As long as your recovery passphrase for the wallet is not leaked, you should not worry about losing your stored funds.

What to do if your transaction is not processed?

If after 48 hours, your transaction has not been processed yet, please contact us.
Keep in mind that setting lower transaction fees may delay the transaction.

What is an exchange service?

Infinito Wallet is not providing this service now.

How do I backup my wallet?

Infinito Wallet always automatically back up your wallet from the first time your create a wallet. With your recovery passphrase, you can restore you wallet at any time.

How do I create a new wallet?

Go to “Options” > “New Wallet” and follow the instructions to create a new wallet. Your current wallet does not need to be deleted.

I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

When you have forgotten your password, restore your wallet by utilizing the recovery passphrase. “Options” > “New Wallet” and create a new password.

I’ve forgotten my recovery passphrase, what do I do?

If Infinito Wallet is still installed and operating in your device, go to “Backup” > “Show Recovery Passphrase” to view your recovery passphrase. Please make sure that your passphrase is kept in a secured place and no one can see it.

If Infinito Wallet has been uninstalled and you do not have your recovery passphrase, there is no way to recover the recovery passphrase.

How do I receive cryptocurrency?

If you are using Infinito Wallet and want to receive cryptocurrency from others, you only need to share the public address of that currency to the sender.

In addition,  you can also enter a specific amount and generate a Payment Request QR code to request a specific amount of funds to the sender.

How do I send cryptocurrency?

From the wallet main screen, select the cryptocurrency you wish to send and select “Send”. Enter the remittee’s (receiver’s) address and amount you wish to send. Confirm the transaction with your password and press “Send”.

What is EOS account name?

The EOS.IO software permits all accounts to be referenced by a unique human readable name of up to 12 characters in length. https://github.com/EOSIO/Documentation/blob/master/TechnicalWhitePaper.md#accounts

I already have account name but why IW shows that I don’t have?

You need to Close app in background and restart again.

I already done the EOS ERC20 TOKEN REGISTRATION but why I couldn’t find an account name for this address?

You will have Account name when take snapshot (1st June) your ERC20 account has at least 1 EOS token.

You can check your account name via: https://eosauthority.com/account

I have had 10 EOS at the moment I registered EOS address. Then I move it to exchange before EOS mainnet launch. Can I receive EOS coin now?

If you have moved all your EOS ERC20 Token to some Exchange before EOS mainnet took the snapshot (at first of June), you would have no account name and no EOS coin.

How do I register EOS account name by myself?

If you don’t have any account in EOS yet, you can’t. You need someone who already has account name in EOS to create account for you or you can wait until the next release version of Infinito Wallet that will support user to register EOS account names.

If I Get Someone to Register an Account for Me, Will It Be Free of Charge?

No. It costs around 0.1 to create an EOS account. It also requires some reserved RAM to be stored and used, hence the need to stake more EOS to this new account. More information can be found in the link below:


What is RAM, NET Bandwidth, CPU Bandwidth of an account?

On the EOS.IO blockchain, there are three broad classes of resources that are consumed by applications:

  • Bandwidth and Log Storage (Disk)
  • Computation and Computational Backlog (CPU)
  • State Storage (RAM)


How do I get more RAM, NET Bandwidth and CPU bandwidth?

You can use EOS to buy more RAM. With NET bandwidth and CPU Bandwidth, you need to stake more EOS to your account.

The balance I see on Infinito Wallet is not match with balance in my old EOS ERC20-Token.

When you register to swap EOS ERC20 Token to EOS Native coin, system will auto transfer around 90% of your EOS to your stake accounts (NET Bandwidth Stake and CPU Bandwidth Stake). So that, you just see the remaining 10% volume of your token in Infinito Wallet.

How do I use Staked EOS?

You can transfer EOS from Stake account to normal account – which takes 3 days. But currently, Infinito Wallet do not support it yet. We will support it in our next release versions.

What is account permission?

In EOS system, each Private/Public key can control multi accounts. Account will be Owner or Active. With Owner account, you can set permission for each account (Active). With Active account, you can use EOS inside the account.


Will Infinito Wallet support all feature of Account Permission?

Will try to support permission feature on future releases.

Understand that I need to purchase RAM to send my EOS coin. Do I really need to stake EOS for CPU and Bandwidth; given that I am just a regular investor?

Every action in EOS blockchain would require computation power and bandwidth. It is uncertain if an account can function without these two.

If I use other wallet (MEW, MetaMask, Exodus, ImToken, Jaxx, etc.) and registered for EOS Airdrop; can I then migrate to IW?

Technically, IW supports migration from any other HD Wallets at base. However, we have yet to support migration from other platforms that uses private keys, and full compatibility is currently not guaranteed. We plan to add further comprehensive support for users who wish to migrate from other platforms to IW and claim their EOS in early July.

How do you plan to support “Migrate” my EOS to Infinito Wallet?

Firstly, you should download Infinito Wallet and then activate EOS coin. Next, register your EOS account name (we will support this process from 4th July 2018). Finally, please use the “Claim” feature to import your EOS private key and confirm your EOS amount. Then, all of your EOS will be transferred to your EOS account which is created on the second step.

How and When do you support create account name for EOS?

We are going to have a campaign for all Infinito Wallet users to register EOS account in early July. We will support all registration fee for all registrants.

What are the reasons that I do not see my EOS account name?

There are various reasons why your EOS account name does not show up inside Infinito Wallet:

  • You registered EOS ERC20 token with Infinito Wallet:
    • During the snapshot time – 2nd June, 2018, you account had less than 1 EOS and thus Block.one didn’t create your initial account.

Solution: Wait for the 1.10 release (scheduled 4th July) to create your account name for FREE

  • You registered EOS ERC20 token with other wallets:
    • EOS’s account name does not stand by itself; but associates with key pairs. If you already registered and checked that you have an account name then it is definitely because the wallet you used for EOS registration does not use the same library as Infinito Wallet.

Solution: Wait for 1.11 release (scheduled 25th July) to migrate your EOS from other wallet.

  • You are a new user:

In that case, please stay tune for the next release – Infinito Wallet is going to support FREE registration for EOS account name.

Solution: Wait for the 1.10 release (scheduled 4th July) to create your account name for FREE

ERC20 EOS, what happens to it now?


I already have an EOS account name but IW doesn’t showing it, I haven’t asked to enter the account name anywhere. How do I do this?

If you already registered and checked that you have an account name then it is definitely because the wallet you used for EOS registration does not use the same library as Infinito Wallet.

Solution: Wait for 1.11 release (scheduled 25th July) to migrate your EOS from other wallet.

Infinito Wallet did not asked for any formation related to my EOS profile such as my account name or key. How can I input my information so it can sweep the blockchain and find my coins on the wallet?

At this version we only support users who registered their ERC20 EOS token with us. The next release – 1.10.0, will allow new user to register EOS account name right inside Infinito Wallet app.

As for users who already have EOS account name, we are going to allow importing EOS private keys – expected the release towards early August; so stay tuned for that.