Portfolio Management

View multiple different crypto portfolios of yours from other wallets or exchanges on Infinito Wallet.
(Coming soon)

Price Tracking

Real-time price tracking for your favourite cryptocurrency. Receive alerts when market price changes.


Easily add and switch between multiple wallets to manage your wealth any way you like.

More Features

Import/ Export Private Keys

Unrestricted access to all your private keys for full control over crypto funds.

Contact Management

Avoid any human mistake. Save frequent crypto addresses for fast and error-free transaction.

Export Activity Transaction

View and export specific transaction history. Filtered by date and coin types.


Supports English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian and more are coming.

Optimize Transaction Speed

Choose the transaction speed that's right for you: Economy, Regular, or Premium

Night Mode

Different look for your wallet: Dark background, light-colour text and icons.

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Wallet Advanced Features

Enjoy the most advanced blockchain services on Infinito Wallet
Digital Identity & KYC

No more repetitive profile submission to different service providers. Register your digital identity only once and use it at multiple places.

App Square

Seamlessly launch and interact with innovative blockchain service-providing DApps. Right inside Infinito Wallet.

News Portal

(Coming soon)
Read the hottest crypto news on your wallet app. Stay up-to-date with all latest trends and development in the world of blockchain.

Exchange Integration

Easily exchange multiple crypto assets conveniently on one universal wallet.

Fiat Gateway

By integrating with the best-in-class fiat gateways, Infinito Wallet let you instantly purchase crypto using fiat money.

Risk Management

Avoid all transaction scams. Check blockchain addresses for potential risk and get detailed reports on suspicious profiles.

Crypto Lending

Earn more with your crypto; lend them to make a profit. With Infinito Wallet, you can sit back, relax while collecting accumulated interest from your crypto.

Payment Platform

Simple, secure, and fast payment. No trouble with different type of cryptos for payment.

Q4 2017
  • Official launch on Android and iOS. Support BTC, BCH, ETH, and ERC-20 tokens.
Q1 2018
  • 1st universal wallet for NEO NEP-5 & ERC-20 tokens. Enable DASH & DOGE coins.
  • NEO holders can now claim GAS.
Q2 2018
Q3 2018
Q4 2018
  • Release Infinito Wallet Version 2.0 with brand new UI/UX design.
  • Support MainNet ONT and ONG token.
  • KYC integration with Blockpass: first Universal Wallet for security tokens
  • Launch Community Airdrop Program.
  • New advanced feature: Exchange Service WalletPrice Tracking. 
Q1 2019
  • First Universal Wallet to support Ouroboros – staking ADA (Cardano).
  • Launch Infinito App Square, supports ETH and EOS DApps.
  • Advanced Service Integration: Fiat gateway.
  • New advanced feature: Portfolio Management, Crypto lending.
Q2 2019