Guide: How to Deposit Your EOS Funds from Infinito Wallet to Crypto Exchanges
Aug 24, 2018
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With latest version, now Infinito Wallet users can easily manage their EOS assets within the wallet. However, when users want to move their funds to crypto exchanges to trade, they need to follow certain requirement from specific exchange. New user who is not familiar with those concepts might find difficulty using two different applications.

To help these users, Infinito team has compiled this guide to instruct users to deposit their EOS funds from Infinito Wallet to exchanges. In this guide, we will use mobile app of the largest global crypto exchange, Binance, as an example.

Step 1: Go to Binance mobile app.

Step 2: Click “Funds” and choose “Show all balances”.

Step 3: Roll down to find EOS and tap “EOS” to proceed.

Step 4: On the screen of your EOS balance, choose “Deposit”.

Step 5: A message will appear “Both a MEMO and an Address are required to successfully deposit your EOS to Binance” to remind that user will need both MEMO and Address for this transaction.

Step 6: Choose EOS “I understand. Continue”

Step 7: On the screen, you will see your “EOS Deposit Address” which is your EOS account name on Binance and “MEMO”. Copy or remember both of them for further steps. You can also choose QR code if you use two different devices for Binance and Infinito Wallet.

Step 8: Open Infinito Wallet. Tap “EOS” (white logo).

Step 9: On the section “Send”. Input “Receiver’s Account” with your “EOS deposit address” on Binance and “Memo” with exact text from Binance. Insert the amount you want to deposit in “Amount”. Click “Next”.

Step 10: Your Password is required to complete transactions. Input it and hit “Send”.

Step 11: A green line will appear to confirm “Sent transaction”.

Step 12: Back to main Dashboard, you will see that you funds is decreased, in this example, it is ceased from 10.1941 EOS to 9.1941 EOS.

We hope this detailed guide helps users transfer their EOS assets from Infinito Wallet to exchanges easier. If you are facing any other issues, do not hesitate to reach out to Infinito Team on our official Telegram channel or through Customer Support email ([email protected]) for prompt support.

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