Guide: How to Transfer Your EOS Funds from Crypto Exchanges to Infinito Wallet
Aug 9, 2018
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The recent second FREE EOS Account Name Registration campaign was a massive success, bringing many new users to Infinito Wallet’s community. Users’ demand to transfer their EOS funds from crypto exchanges to our universal wallet has subsequently increased. However, some users are reporting issues moving their EOS assets from some exchanges to their free account registered through Infinito Wallet.

To help these users, Infinito team has compiled this guide to instruct users to withdraw their EOS funds from exchanges to Infinito Wallet. In this guide, we will use the largest global crypto exchange, Binance, as an example.

Step 1: From the dashboard, click the “EOS” coin. Inside, select the “Receive” tab.

Step 2: Go to Binance website and log in to your account

Step 3: Click “Funds” then “Balances” or “Withdrawals”. Here, we will introduce the steps for selecting “Balances”.

Step 4: Choose EOS or type “EOS” if you couldn’t find it on the list. Then click “Withdrawal”.

Step 5: Type your EOS Account name in the box “EOS Withdrawal Address”. Tick “No MEMO” box. Insert the “Amount”. Check again and “Submit”.

Step 6: An pop-up will appear for 2FA (2-Factor Authentication). Check and input your SMS code then hit “Submit”. Right after that, the system will send a confirmation message to your registered email address for Binance.

Note: It might be different for users who haven’t set up 2FA.

Step 7: Check your mail box and open the email titled Withdraw Request Confirmation. Confirm the information again then click “Confirm Withdraw”.

Step 8: A new page will pop out to show the message “Withdrawal Request Successful” to confirm transaction done. Your EOS will appear in your Infinito Wallet after few minutes.


Currently, most users are facing such issues on their Binance mobile app. Binance team has confirmed that their EOS withdrawal function was suspended due to wallet maintenance though their website is still functioning normally.

It should be noted that different exchanges might have varying processes and requirements to make such transactions. For users using Houbi, they will have specific terms (e.g. destination tag) that are not industry standards. If that causes difficulties for you, please contact their respective teams get prompt support. However, please practice caution when interacting with big channels like Binance as there are many fake admin accounts trying to take personal information from users, especially novices. These scammers usually ask users to send coins directly to other addresses for testing, request for your email, password, or private keys, and ask you to deactivate two-factor authentication. So once again, please be wary of such frauds!

We hope this detailed guide helps users transfer their EOS assets from exchanges to Infinito Wallet. If you are facing any other issues, do not hesitate to reach out to Infinito Team on our official Telegram channel or through Customer Support email ([email protected]) for prompt support. We hope users enjoyed our second round of FREE EOS Account Name Registration and thank you for being with Infinito Wallet!

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