Infinito partners with compliance platform Coinfirm and AMLT Network
Août 2, 2018
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LONDON: Thursday 2nd August 2018

  • Infinito is partnering with Coinfirm and its token network, AMLT
  • The partnership will increase the security and transparency of the wallet
  • Coinfirm are industry-leaders in managing risk and compliance for Blockchain companies
  • AMLT tokens will be added to the Infinito Wallet with further integrations planned.

Infinito Wallet has been supporting a wide range of cryptocurrency coins and tokens since its launch in 2017. The wallet is announcing a partnership with compliance platform Coinfirm and its token network, AMLT, to enhance wallet security and meet global regulation standards.  

The universal wallet is one of the foundations of Infinito Ecosystem for users to manage crypto wealth, enjoy applications and to make payments securely and seamlessly in few clicks, while businesses can efficiently build and launch successful blockchain innovations. Through our ecosystem, Infinito aims to drive true blockchain mass adoption for both users and businesses by solving the problems of poor experience, interoperability, and general inaccessibility they are facing in decentralized world.

A partnership for greater security and compliance

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Infinito, the team behind a leading Universal Wallet that supports the majority of coins and tokens, is partnering with Coinfirm, a regulation tech company that provides transaction security, AML (Anti Money Laundering) and CTF (Counter Terrorism Financing) services and market research.

With Coinfirm’s expertise in regulation, security and risk management, Infinito will provide users a more secure experience in line with global compliance standards.

Coinfirm’s token, AMLT, will be added as a native token to the Infinito Wallet, with further AMLT Network feature integrations planned in future.

The technical implications

This partnership marks the next milestone in Infinito’s journey to all-inclusive security, and regulatory compliance to be ready for mass adoption for crypto usage. Coinfirm’s AML verification technology on top of Infinito’s existing infrastructure will heighten the Universal Wallet’s security – safeguarding transactions for all parties.

Security features will be added to enable AML profile checks, and access to detailed transaction records, ensuring transparency and financial interaction management. This technical integration protects both investors and companies launching ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) from risk and security threats.

Incentivising transparency with the AMLT network and token

Infinito will integrate Coinfirm’s AMLT Network and Token. The Network enables members around the world to report illegal activities in the economy, and are rewarded in AMLT.

The AMLT token was created to enhance transparency and security within the ecosystem, as it allows the market to determine the risk of other participants. It also serves as the utility token for the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform and a range of products already used by over 100 companies in the crypto space.

Junya Yamamoto, President at Infinito says:

“This partnership is very exciting. Coinfirm will bring great value to all blockchain enthusiasts, projects, and companies. Our technical integration will help services utilizing blockchain to reliably reach their potential markets. And for users around the world, it will streamline and safeguard participation in any blockchain ecosystem. Infinito aims to become an infrastructure to deploy blockchain projects for businesses. For users, it strives to become the best infrastructure to provide them universal access to digital assets and services with the utmost security. We are looking forward to the day when blockchain can become a practical infrastructure in society.”

Pawel Kuskowsi, CEO & Co-Founder of Coinfirm says:

“Infinito is continuously showing the market not just their expansive vision towards their wallet but their dedication making Infinito a leader in addressing regulatory compliance and security on the wallet market. Bringing the Coinfirm AML/KYC Platform and AMLT Network into the Infinito Wallet will not just help address compliance but will provide a new level of adoption potential as well as security and transparency for users.”

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Charlie Bussat: [email protected] | Tel:+84 (0) 32765048

Ben Goldsmith: [email protected] | Tel: +44 (0) 7788295321 

About Coinfirm

Coinfirm is a regulation tech platform that is enabling the safe adoption and use of blockchain. The Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform uses big data and algorithms to provide structured, actionable data that increases efficiency, cuts costs and streamlines compliance.

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About Infinito Wallet

Positioning as a leading universal wallet for crypto users, Infinito Wallet serves as a gateway for users to maximize usage and potentials of their cryptocurrencies. Our DApp browser, App Square, provides access to the most innovative blockchain applications for daily user needs.  By selectively expanding our partner network, Infinito Wallet aims to build an ecosystem of practical blockchain services including exchanges, ID/KYC solutions, and other blockchain-related business services. At the same time, we support communities of developers and businesses with Infinito Blockchain Platform, an open blockchain infrastructure of technologies and compliant-ready services, so that they can seamlessly build, launch, and operate innovative products and services efficiently.

Infinito Wallet’s core development team of blockchain R&D experts has intensive professional experience. Currently, our organization has more than 300 members including developers, designers, business, marketing, and customer service specialists. We are promoting research on infrastructure for cryptocurrencies and development utilizing blockchain.

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