Infinito Partners with EOSYS, The First EOS Block Producer Candidate from South Korea!
2월 14, 2019
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Infinito is thrilled to announce our partnership with EOSYS, the first block producer candidate from South Korea. With this technology collaboration, Infinito Wallet and EOSYS hope to bring more value to our respective communities as well as the whole global EOS community. Together, we aim to build brand credibility and branding to further spread global adoption of EOS blockchain and its various unique technologies.

Infinito Wallet is one of the foundations of Infinito Ecosystem for users to manage crypto wealth, enjoy applications and to make payments securely and seamlessly in few clicks, while businesses can efficiently build and launch successful blockchain innovations. It is globally acclaimed as one of, if not, the best crypto wallet for EOS on the market. Our DApp browser, App Square, is where users can access a wide variety of innovative blockchain services. With App Square, Infinito Wallet has now become a universal gateway for all crypto consumer needs, with all applications and services for communities worldwide.

In addition, Infinito aim to have the best support developers community and businesses by releasing Infinito Blockchain Platform (IBP), a full-stack platform for seamless development of blockchain applications and services. One-stop solution for anyone looking to integrate or build practical blockchain applications.

Through our ecosystem, Infinito aims to drive true blockchain mass adoption for both users and businesses by solving the problems of poor experience, interoperability, and general inaccessibility they are facing in decentralized world.

Meanwhile, EOSYS, as the first EOS block producer candidate from South Korea, promised optimal infrastructure to ensure secure, high performance block production, development support and investment in EOS DApps, and including community and research support for the global EOS community.

With the ultimate vision of EOS blockchain mass adoption, EOSYS envisions an ecosystem where blockchain seamlessly blends into our lives through a sophisticated process of on-chaining ‘Things’ around the world. With that vision in mind, EOSYS will release an entertainment DApp publishing platform at the end of February, by cooperating with many development teams to launch real-world applications that incorporate decentralized technology.

Infinito x EOSYS: A Partnership for EOS Users Worldwide

As a technology partner, EOSYS will help Infinito enabling support for EOS DApps on App Square, our newly released DApp browser built inside the wallet. Supporting EOS DApps is one of our highest priorities. Therefore, partnering with the esteemed South Korean Block Producer Candidate will help us bring this feature for users.

In addition, EOSYS will provide us with integration for advanced features such as EOS account self-registration and EOS voting for Block Producers. Combined with the Wallet’s existing set of features for EOS users including: support for all EOS tokens, stake/unstake NET and CPU bandwidth, buy/ sell RAM, import/export EOS private keys, free EOS account registration campaign with EOS block producer and EOS block producer candidates, crypto users will be able to fully utilize all unique functions and innovative applications of EOS blockchain inside one Universal Wallet.

On this partnership milestone, Infinito’s Director, Mr. Jack Thang Nguyen, says:

“We are very excited to have this partnership. Collaboration with EOSYS will bring immense benefits to our Infinito users as well as the global EOS community by providing them with a truly universal gateway to all the advanced features and innovative applications on EOS blockchain. For the average crypto user, this means even more blockchain innovations at their convenience on the Universal Wallet”

From EOSYS’s side, CEO Charles Pyo says:

“It is very encouraging that Infinito Wallet, the universal blockchain wallet service, and Chain Partners can pursue the common goal of creating a multi-blockchain ecosystem. We hope that cooperation between EOSYS and Infinito Wallet will serve as an opportunity for users to experience the difference when using decentralized applications.”

About EOSYS:

EOSYS is a part of the blockchain company builder Chain Partners Inc., and the EOSYS team was created to foster the EOS ecosystem. EOSYS dove into the world of EOS even before the Mainnet launch with EOSscan, which was the most popular EOS ICO monitoring site since its launch at June 2017. EOSYS declared its candidacy during the primary candidate registration period and has worked tirelessly to boost the expansion and development of EOS. EOSYS focuses on (1) developing the DApp ecosystem by launching DApp Studio and hosting the first DApp Contest and DApp Festa globally, (2) participating in on-chain governance as an opinion leader, (3) community building and leadership and (4) making useful tools for token holders (e.g. eoshub).

Chain Partners Inc. is the first global blockchain company builder from Korea. Chain Partners identifies, develops, and invests in blockchain companies. The company plays an integral role in the international blockchain community by creating projects with blockchain technology, spanning consumer products, cryptography, exchanges, payment solutions, media, and education. Chain Partners successfully raised its Series A in 2018, and within a year has grown into a team of more than 100 members.

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