Infinito, With KYC Integration, Now Ready For Security Tokens, together with Utility Tokens
11月 30, 2018
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Infinito’s partnership with blockchain compliance leader Blockpass has finally borne fruit: Infinito Wallet is now the first and only wallet solution in the world with integrated KYC verification! Users can register to easily manage tokens that require KYC Profile with Infinito Wallet, and even apply to enjoy other blockchain services.

This also means that Infinito Wallet is now ready to support security tokens, regulation-bounded crypto assets that derive value from external, tradeable asset.

Infinito Wallet is one of the foundations of Infinito Ecosystem for users to manage crypto wealth, enjoy applications and to make payments securely and seamlessly in few clicks, while businesses can efficiently build and launch successful blockchain innovations. Through our ecosystem, Infinito aims to drive true blockchain mass adoption for both users and businesses by solving the problems of poor experience, interoperability, and general inaccessibility they are facing in decentralized world. 

Integrated KYC on Infinito Wallet: How to Use

Several tokens require users to register and get their digital profile reviewed and then approved by Token Issuers before being able to start transacting. Such tokens will have their “Send” tab disabled until the user has had their KYC Profile marked as “Approved”.

In case of Blockpass’s compliant PASS token, users can set up their digital identity and register with blockchain service providers via Blockpass while checking application progress via the Universal Wallet app with only 6 steps in version update 2.1.

A handy user guide is available below, using PASS token as the example:

Step 1: From “My Assets”, select the PASS token.

Step 2“Send” tab is initially disabled. You will be auto-redirected to “KYC” tab.

Step 3: You will see your KYC application status. Tap “Complete KYC with Blockpass” to apply.

Step 4: Fill in all Required Information, then tap  “Register” to submit your KYC Profile.

Step 5: Your KYC Profile is being reviewed. You can tap “Check Application Status” to view the details.

Step 6: Your KYC Profile has been approved. You can start transacting PASS tokens.

Searching for a great Universal Wallet for your security token, security token exchange, or security token-based services? Look no further: Infinito will be of service!

Infinito Wallet and Blockpass: Collaborative RegTech Infrastructure for Crypto Compliance

Earlier this year in April, Infinito and Blockpass announced official partnerships at London’s Blockchain Expo, promising breakthrough RegTech solutions for the blockchain industry. Later, from 23 May 2018, Blockpass’ compliant token, PASS, became a default token natively listed and supported on Infinito Wallet. PASS is the first RegTech token to be issued via the Universal Wallet. It serves as a voucher for Blockpass’ verification services as well as “identity mining” in which users and enterprises are rewarded when providing services for identity verification.

By bringing such compliance solution to the world’s most powerful Universal Wallet, Infinito Wallet can facilitate wallet integration of security tokens – a first in the blockchain world! App version 2.1 also comes with other great updates such as support for MainNet ONT, and official launch of Community Airdrop Program that brings lots of free tokens to communities, so check it out!


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About Infinito Wallet

“作为用户的主要通用加密货币钱包,Infinito钱包是用户最大化其加密货币使用和潜力的门户。我们的DApp浏览器-App Square-可以访问最具创新性的区块链应用程序,满足日常用户需求。 Infinito 钱包扩展了我们的合作伙伴网络,旨在建立一个实用的区块链服务生态系统,包括交换,ID / KYC解决措施和其他区块链相关的商业服务。同时,我们通过Infinito区块链平台来支持开发商和企业社区。开放区块链技术基础设施和合规就绪服务,以便让它们能够有效地无缝地构建,启动和运营创新产品和服务。


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