Infinito’s Support Plan and FAQs – EOS Edition
Jun 20, 2018
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EOS is perhaps one of the most unique blockchains out there right now, hence its current popularity amongst crypto circles. It is notable for its accessibility with the absence of transaction fees, alleviating interaction costs for traders on the platform. EOS also offers great flexibility for network traffic through optimizing communication and transaction execution. And most importantly, EOS is blazing fast. This blockchain can execute hundreds of thousands transactions per second, and its ambitious team is aiming for the millions in the near future!

Infinito Wallet is one of the foundations of Infinito Ecosystem for users to manage crypto wealth, enjoy applications and to make payments securely and seamlessly in few clicks, while businesses can efficiently build and launch successful blockchain innovations. Through our ecosystem, Infinito aims to drive true blockchain mass adoption for both users and businesses by solving the problems of poor experience, interoperability, and general inaccessibility they are facing in decentralized world.

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With the evolution of the EOS network comes the historic launch of its MainNet. As a result, the platform along with its community has gone through considerable transformations and various new concepts have been brought about. Here is Infinito Wallet’s general support plan for EOS, consisting of what we will support as well as what we will not support:

What We Currently Support

  • Load balance, Send/Receive, Check history.

What We Will Support

  • Register username:

– Infinito registers for new users (limited-time offer).

– Self-registration for new users.

– Existing user registering for new users.

  • Permission Group:

– Show current permission of the account.

  • Stake / Unstake:

– Support unstaking EOS coins of an account from CPU & Bandwidth.

With The Current Plan, What We May Not Support

  • Voting: Vote for block producer.
  • Permission Group:

– Manage permission, Add/Remove active access to an account.

– Close an account.

Additionally, we have included some frequently asked questions from the EOS community regarding these new concepts and changes.

Q1: What is an EOS Account Name?

The EOS.IO software permits all accounts to be referenced by a unique human readable name of up to 12 characters in length, chosen by the account creator themself. More information can be found in the link below:

Q2: I Already Have an Account Name But Infinito Wallet Isn’t Showing it!

Please close and restart the app.

Q3: I Have Already Conducted EOS ERC20 Token Registration. Why Can’t I Find the Account Name for This Address?

If the snapshot of your ERC20 account, taken on the 1st of June, shows that it has at least 1 EOS token in its balance, you will have an account name for your address.

You can check your account name via:

Q4:  I Had 10 EOS When I Registered My EOS Address and Moved it to an Exchange Before EOS MainNet Launch. Can I Still Receive EOS Coin Now?

If you have moved all your EOS ERC20 Tokens to an Exchange before EOS MainNet took the snapshot on the 1st of June, you will consequently have no account name and no EOS coins.

Q5: How Do I Register an Account Name by Myself ?

It is impossible to conduct self-registration without the assistance of a pre-existing EOS account with EOS coins, thus you will need someone who already has an account name on EOS to create your account for you. However, Infinito Wallet’s next version update will support users to self-register for EOS account names, so you can alternatively wait.

Q6: If I Get Someone to Register an Account for Me, Will It Be Free of Charge?

No. It costs around 0.1 to create an EOS account. To continue using the new account, you have to buy more RAM and Stake more EOS to your new account.. More information can be found in the link below:

Q7: What is the RAM, NET Bandwidth, and CPU Bandwidth of an Account?

On the EOS.IO blockchain, there are three broad classes of resources that are consumed by applications:

– Bandwidth and Log Storage (Disk)

– Computation and Computational Backlog (CPU)

– State Storage (RAM)

These three resources will affect the speed and general performance of your account as well as applications. For more information, see the link below:

Q8: How Do I Get More RAM, NET Bandwidth, and CPU bandwidth?

RAM can be purchased with EOS coins. For NET bandwidth and CPU Bandwidth, you need to stake more EOS to your account.

Q9: The Account Balance I See on Infinito Wallet Does Not Match with the Amount of Old ERC20 Tokens I Had. Why is That?

When you register and swap your ERC20 tokens to EOS native coins, the system will automatically transfer around 90% of your EOS to your stake accounts for NET Bandwidth and CPU Bandwidth Stakes. Therefore, you will only see the remaining 10% on Infinito Wallet.

Q10: How Do I Use Staked EOS?

You can transfer EOS from the Stake account to your normal account, which takes about 3 days to complete. Infinito Wallet currently does not support this interaction but we are planning to include it in our next version updates.

Q11: What is Account Permission?

On the EOS network, each Private/Public key can control multiple accounts, which are divided into Owner and Active. With an Owner account, you can set permission parameters for each Active account, inside of which you can use EOS. More information can be found in the link below.

Q12: Will Infinito Wallet Support All Features of Account Permission?

We are planning to support them in future version updates.

Q13: I Understand that I Need to Purchase RAM to Send My EOS Coins, But Do I Really Need to Stake EOS for CPU and NET Bandwidths Given that I am Only a Regular Investor?

All actions and interactions on the EOS blockchain require computational power and bandwidth. It is uncertain that an account can properly function without these two factors.

Q14: If I use other wallet (MEW, MetaMask, Exodus, ImToken, Jaxx, etc.) and registered for EOS Airdrop; can I then migrate to IW?

Technically, IW supports migration from any other HD Wallets at base. However, we have yet to support migration from other platforms that uses private keys, and full compatibility is currently not guaranteed. We plan to add further comprehensive support for users who wish to migrate from other platforms to IW and claim their EOS in early July.

Q15: How do you plan to support “Migrate” my EOS to Infinito Wallet?

Import your EOS private key. Then all of the EOS account names associated with that private key will be loaded, and you can enjoy the rich features that Infinito Wallet offers for EOS blockchain like making transactions, Stake / Unstake your CPU / NET bandwitdh, Purchase / Sell RAM, etc. Please keep this imported EOS Private Key safe. It cannot be restored using your wallet passphrase and therefore, must be managed separately from your wallet passphrase.

Q16: How and When do you support create account name for EOS?

We are going to have a campaign for all Infinito Wallet users to register EOS account in early July. We will support all registration fee for all registrants.

Q17: What are the reasons that I do not see my EOS account name?

There are various reasons why your EOS account name does not show up inside Infinito Wallet:

  • You registered EOS ERC20 token with Infinito Wallet:

– During the snapshot time – 2nd June, 2018, you account had less than 1 EOS and thus didn’t create your initial account.

Solution: Wait for the 1.10 release (scheduled 4th July) to create your account name for FREE.

  • You registered EOS ERC20 token with other wallets:

– EOS’s account name does not stand by itself; but associates with key pairs. If you already registered and checked that you have an account name then it is definitely because the wallet you used for EOS registration does not use the same library as Infinito Wallet.

Solution: Wait for 1.11 release (scheduled 25th July) to migrate your EOS from other wallet.

  • You are a new user:

– In that case, please stay tune for the next release – Infinito Wallet is going to support FREE registration for EOS account name.

Solution: Wait for the 1.10 release (scheduled 4th July) to create your account name for FREE.

Q18: ERC20 EOS, what happens to it now?


Q19: I already have an EOS account name but IW doesn’t showing it, I haven’t asked to enter the account name anywhere. How do I do this?

If you already registered and checked that you have an account name then it is definitely because the wallet you used for EOS registration does not use the same library as Infinito Wallet.

Solution: Wait for 1.11 release (scheduled 25th July) to migrate your EOS from other wallet.

Q20: Infinito Wallet did not asked for any formation related to my EOS profile such as my account name or key. How can I input my information so it can sweep the blockchain and find my coins on the wallet?

At this version we only support users who registered their ERC20 EOS token with us. The next release – 1.10.0, will allow new user to register EOS account name right inside Infinito Wallet app.

Q21. Infinito Wallet did not asked for any formation related to my EOS profile such as my account name or key. How can I input my information so it can sweep the blockchain and find my coins on the wallet?

The first campaign – FREE EOS account name registration was finished. Please wait for next campaign in early August will allow new user who missed the campaign to FREE register EOS account name right inside Infinito Wallet.

As for users who already have EOS account name, we are going to allow importing EOS private keys – expected the release towards mid- August; so stay tuned for that.

Q22.  How to buy eos ram with this wallet?
We will implement buy/sell RAM function on upcoming release. So stay tuned for that.

Q23: I was given an account name during registration of my EOS for snapshot. Can I link my private keys to a new account name which I am using in infinito wallet or my given account name is permanent?
EOS account name is linked to your keypairs, so you can’t.

Solution: Wait for upcoming version release, we will allow user to import their private key. Then transfer EOS assets to infinito’s eos account name.

Q24.  When I withdrawing or depositing EOS using Infinito wallet, are there any charges you put? If yes, how much?
No charge, EOS is “free”. The catch is you will need to buy RAM, stack for CPU and bandwidth. We will let user manage that for their account on next release.

Q25: Are there any way I can stake cpu and net for new account?

Yes for future releases, you can manage your own EOS resources – CPU, Bandwidth, RAM – from right inside Infinito Wallet.

Q26: How can I import my EOS account to infinito wallet?
We don’t have this feature ready yet. Please wait for next campaign in early August will allow user to FREE register EOS account name right inside Infinito Wallet.  Then you can freely send your eos fund to Infinito Wallet.

Q27: I registered my EOS Eth account before 1 Jun in Infinito and was given EOS account but not private key. Do I have to register again or this registration for additional account?

You should already have an eos account name right after mainnet launched. You don’t need another account name. Please get the latest version 1.11.0 to Export private key.

Q28:  How can I change EOS account name?

You can’t. Account name on EOS chain is used similar to that of public address of other blockchains. However, on upcoming releases, you will be able to create additional account names on EOS. So you can switch between them.

Q29: I registered my eos erc20 token before the snapshot taken and kept it in my ether wallet. I was given an account name, my public key and private key. If I create new account name on Infinito Wallet. Can I  link my Current key?

Not linked in a traditional sense. However, on upcoming releases, we will implement the feature for private key import. So you can then transfer your EOS to infinito’s EOS account.

Q30: Can I receive airdrop which will be happen by EOS team in the future if I hold my EOS on Infinito Wallet?

There are many companies do airdrop on EOS but the conditions are different. Some require you to hold a certain amount of EOS, some require you to perform a particular action, and some just airdrop for every EOS holder. So please do your own search for that.

From Infinito Wallet, we will support ALL tokens built on EOS; similar to all ERC20 tokens on ETH and all NEP-5 tokens on NEO. We will announce the roadmap for upcoming versions. Please be patient.

Following our support for EOS Token Registration and official EOS MainNet support announcement, these are what we have next in plan for the growing EOS community! Infinito Wallet is extremely proud and honoured to bring the innovations of our ever-expanding ecosystem to our growing user base as well as all crypto communities. Stay tuned for further information on Infinito Wallet EOS Account Name Registration support campaign and much more!

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