Crypto Game – Play Free Win Real Money Every Week
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Infinito Wallet introduces our very own Crypto Game for our users to practice trading risk-free. Play and earn rewards in USDT every week! 

What is Crypto Game?

Crypto Game is a free game that simulates real crypto investing. Players buy and sell coins without using real money to avoid risk. This helps you practice trading crypto with more experience and confidence. 

Crypto Game starts at 5:00 (GMT) every Monday and ends 4:59 (GMT) next Monday. All players will be given a fixed balance 10,000 USDT (demo) to invest and earn as much profit as possible. Buy low and sell high is the key to win the game! 

You can also invite up to 20 friends to play Crypto Game and get 100 USDT for each. This bonus will be added to your balance and give you a big advantage on the Leaderboard. 

Results will be updated immediately at 4:59 (GMT) every Monday. We will send emails to all the winners to verify and distribute rewards.

Big Rewards 

Every week, 10 players with the highest balance wins Crypto Game. Invest smart and effectively to conquer the Leaderboard. Total prize for the winners is $300 

Rewards will be converted to USDT and distributed to the address linked with your Infinito account. You will receive rewards within 3 days after the Game ends and after you verified with us via email. 

Start playing Crypto Game

Step 1: Download and set up Infinito Wallet
Step 2: At Home screen, Open “Investment Game” or click on Game banner

How to Play

There are 3 main tabs of the Game:

  • Check price, buy and sell coins
  • See your rank, total balance, and transaction history.


  • Rankings of all players
  • Activities of each player. You can learn the current trends and tips to win by looking at activities of the top traders. 
  • Total prize of the week


  • Invite your friends to play Crypto Game to get $100 added to your balance. More friends equals more bonus. This helps you increase your rank fast.

***Please note that winners from Crypto Game Global are not eligible to win Crypto Game Vietnam and vice versa.


1/ Who can play Crypto Game? 

Anyone with a smartphone or computer can play Crypto Game completely free. You can play via web browser at: or play on Infinito Wallet.


2/ What do I get as a winner? When and how do I receive my rewards? 
Rewards will be given to 10 best players of the week.

Rewards will be converted to USDT and sent to the address linked with your Infinito account. (1 USDT = 1 USD)

3/ When does Game start and end?
Crypto Game starts at 5:00 (GMT) every Monday and ends 4:59 (GMT) next Monday. 

4/ Where can I see my rewards after I receive it? 
At Home screen, click on “Send- Receive” to see your wallet. Look at the rewards in your USDT balance. 

5/ Is the 10,000 USDT I get in the Game real money? Can I spend it? 
No. All the money you see in Crypto Game is not real and can only be used to play Crypto Game. You cannot withdraw to spend. But if you win the reward is real money you can spend.

6/ Does it cost money to play? What if I don’t make any profit or lose money? 
Crypto Game is completely free to play. You do not have to deposit real money and even if you lose, everything is just a Game and you never have to lose real money. Every week, your balance will be restarted to $10,000 and you can try again. Keep playing to win

7/ Is the Coin price of Crypto Game  real? 
Yes. Coin prices are updated immediately and 99% the same like market price. We use data from, one of the world’s most reputable websites for cryptocurrency rankings and prices. 

8/ How to get rewards when I invite friends?

Step 1: At the bottom menu, Select “Bonus”.
Step 2: Click “Invite friends” to share your referral code. 
Step 3: Your friend downloads Infinito Wallet and input your referral code. 
Step 4: Your friend registers an Infinito Account to play Crypto Game. 
After that, you will receive 100 USDT in your balance! Invite more friends to get more money. 

9/ How does the Leaderboard work?
The Leaderboard shows rankings of all players from highest to lowest and is updated every 5 minutes. Ten people with the highest balances by the time the game ends will become the winners
You can see other people’s activities and learn to improve yours.

10/ How to see my own balance and ranking? 
Click on “Portfolio” tab to see your balance and ranking. 

11/ In terms of transaction fee and time, is Crypto Game similar to real life?  
The concept of buying and selling crypto in game is similar to real-life transactions. However, to make it easier for new players, we set a flat fee of 0.25% and the transactions will be processed immediately. In reality, transaction fees will vary depending on the nature of each transaction and the processing speed will vary depending on the blockchain you choose.

12/ How to see the transaction history of myself and others?
To see your transaction history, go to Portfolio tab and select “Transaction history”.
To see others’ transaction history, go to “Leaderboard”. You can select “Activities” next to anyone’s name to see their transaction history. 

13/ I don’t know how to trade crypto. Does this Game have instructions?
Crypto Game is the perfect game for newbies to start learning and practicing without fear of losing money. The concept is very simple, you have $10,000 demo money to buy and sell any coins you want to. Coin price is taken from real exchange price and 100% same to real-life prices to give you the most authentic trading experience.

14/ Can I get help or some tips to play? 
Of course, please press the “Help” button in the right corner of the screen to chat with the Infinito team anytime you need assistance.

15/ Do I need to spend real money to buy crypto?
Crypto Game is completely free to play. You do not need to use real money to buy Crypto. We give you 10,000 USDT to buy coins. Make smart investments to get to the top. Even if you lose, you won’t lose a penny. Just keep trying to win next week.

16/ If I win, can I spend the reward money? 
Of course yes. You can use this money to buy, swap coins, or pay for any services on Infinito Wallet. You can also send this money to anyone or withdraw it. 

17/ Where can I find official information about Crypto Game?
You can see all the latest announcements or updates of Crypto Game right on Infinito Wallet app. Just click on “Terms and Condition” or “Help” button for more information. You can also visit our website or contact our Customer support service at

18/ Can I play Crypto Game on web browser using my phone or computer?  
Yes. You can access Crypto Game via Infinito Wallet app or web browser at
Just log in or create an Infinito account to start playing immediately. 

19/ I forgot the password of my Infinito account.

You don’t have to remember your account password. Just log in on Infinito Wallet to play. 

Step 1: Download Infinito Wallet.
Step 2: Select “Log in” and enter your email
Step 3: You will receive an email to log in.

20/ How to switch from playing Game on web browser to playing on Infinito Wallet?
Step 1: Download Infinito Wallet.
Step 2: Sign in to your account and verify it.
Step 3: Create a password for your new wallet.
*You will receive a wallet recovery email. Never delete it
Step 4: Start playing Crypto Game!

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