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Numerous Ecosystem Partners are Contributing to Infinito Membership Program, and More Are on the Way!

To help you better understand and keep track of all exciting events coming to Infinito Membership Program, we have created this master article with all confirmed ecosystem partners so...

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Infinito Promotes Blockchain Adoption through An Exceptional Crypto User Experience
May 21, 2019

Infinito Solutions, the Singapore-based company with a team of 50 blockchain experts, aims to make blockchain adoption a reality for users, applications, and businesses. Our Infinito Wallet sets out...

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Premium Membership Benefits on Infinito with Infinito Points – Launching in A Few Days!
May 8, 2019

Infinito Wallet is thrilled to share that we will soon introduce Infinito Membership Program for users with the upcoming launch of Infinito Points. Here's everything you need to know...

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Infinito Points Are Coming – Tell Us How You Want to Benefit More with Them on Infinito Wallet!
May 2, 2019

Infinito Wallet is going to issue Infinito Points very soon! These are digital points that will let you use our brand new feature, Premium Hub to access never-before-seen benefits...

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Infinito Wallet Version Updates: Series 2

With Version 2.6, Infinito Wallet have added support for Binance decentralized exchange (DEX) and BNB Coin. We are now the world’s most universal DApp Browser with support for the...

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App Square is Here! Enjoy all Innovative Blockchain DApps on Infinito

With the release of this DApp “store”, Infinito Wallet is now not just the universal home to leading coins and tokens on the market, but also for innovative blockchain...

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Infinito Unveils All-in-one Blockchain Platform of Modules and Solutions for Businesses and Developers
Jan 29, 2019

Leading blockchain tech provider Infinito, who builds and operates Infinito Wallet, has just released a comprehensive blockchain platform for businesses and developers to seamlessly make use of a wide...

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Infinito partners with compliance platform Coinfirm and AMLT Network

Infinito is announcing a partnership with compliance platform Coinfirm and its token network, AMLT, to enhance wallet security and meet global regulation standards.

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Infinito Partners With Blockpass For Regtech Tokens, KYC/AML And More
Jun 1, 2018

After notifying partnership officially, self-sovereign identity application Blockpass and universal cryptocurrency wallet Infinito Wallet have been accelerating in actualizing our mutual a

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