Tag: ETH ERC20
Infinito Partners With Blockpass For Regtech Tokens, KYC/AML And More
Jun 1, 2018

After notifying partnership officially, self-sovereign identity application Blockpass and universal cryptocurrency wallet Infinito Wallet have been accelerating in actualizing our mutual a

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Infinito Wallet and the Power of ERC20 Tokens
Apr 12, 2018

Just as the internet began as a modest way to send data and exploded into the single best way to share news, information and entertainment, blockchain and its corresponding...

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How Infinito Wallet Harnesses the Full Range of Cryptocurrencies
Apr 12, 2018

Discussions about cryptocurrencies have officially moved from niche internet forums to the front pages of every newspaper, the meeting rooms of top corporations and family living rooms around the...

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World First Universal Wallet for NEO NEP-5, ETH ERC20 Tokens & Top coins!
Apr 3, 2018

The true Universal Wallet that stores the widest range of smart contract tokens and major coins in one place. Isle of Man, 2 April 2018. Infinito Wallet, the universal...

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