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EOS Holders: You Can Now Buy/Sell RAM and Stake/Unstake NET and CPU with Infinito Wallet!
Aug 3, 2018

With version update 1.12.0, Infinito Wallet is thrilled to announce our support for Buying/Selling RAM and Staking/Unstaking NET and CPU bandwidths for EOS users!

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The Wait Is Over – You Can Now View and Export Your Private Keys with Infinito Wallet!

Our team at Infinito Wallet has heard your feedback and is thrilled to announce our support for Private Key Export with version update 1.11.0 by popular demand! Starting from...

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Guide: How To Use Infinito Wallet
May 29, 2018

This comprehensive guide will show you how to get started and use this universal cryptocurrency mobile wallet application.

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Infinito Wallet Adds Three-Step EOS Registration!
May 4, 2018

Infinito Wallet, the world’s first universal wallet for top coins and all tokens on Ethereum and NEO, will offer a quick and easy three-step EOS token registration beginning on...

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The Importance of Advanced Crypto Security and Infinito Wallet
Apr 25, 2018

Cryptocurrencies attribute their success and popularity in part to their existence outside of traditional banking systems and structures. Because they are stored on a distributed ledger, as opposed to...

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How To Send And Receive Cryptocurrency
Feb 1, 2018

You want to send your cryptocurrencies, but you don’t know how to do It. To help you, we have put together a guide to enable you to send and...

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How to Store Your Cryptocurrency Securely
Jan 29, 2018

Having cryptocurrency is an incredible feeling, having them stored in a secure place is even better. This article will explain how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet.

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