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Infinito App Square Scales Up – Now Supports DApps On ONT And BNB Along With ETH And EOS
Apr 23, 2019

Infinito App Square officially becomes the most scalable DApp browser in a wallet with support for DApps on four leading blockchain platforms Ethereum, EOS, ONTology and Binance Chain.

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Infinito Wallet Version Updates: Series 2

With Version 2.6, Infinito Wallet have added support for Binance decentralized exchange (DEX) and BNB Coin. We are now the world’s most universal DApp Browser with support for the...

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ONTology DApps Are Officially Here on The World’s Most Scalable App Square

Infinito is proud to announce that our Universal DApp Browser, App Square will support ONT DApps soon. This addition is made possible through collaborative integration efforts with ONTology, our...

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Infinito to Welcome Blockchain Titan Binance’s BNB Coin and DEX

Infinito Wallet collabs with Binance to support Binance decentralized exchange (DEX) and BNB Coin. Our App Square is now the most scalable DApp Browser on the market, supporting 4...

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Infinito and Holdex partner to enable full support for crypto crowdfunding campaigns
Apr 3, 2019

Infinito Wallet is thrilled to announce partnership with Holdex to provide full support for token sales projects from the early stage of creating and managing campaigns, to promoting...

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It’s Official: Users Can Now Enjoy EOS DApps on Infinito App Square

Infinito’s App Square now fully supports EOS DApps. We are welcoming EOS Account Creator, DEXEOS, and PRA CandyBox. This highly-demanded feature is made possible by the combined efforts of...

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Infinito Enables Earning Interest by HODLing with Celsius on Infinito App Square
Feb 21, 2019

Infinito has partnered with the industry-leading cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform Celsius to enable earning interest by HODLing for users right inside App Square.

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App Square is Here! Enjoy all Innovative Blockchain DApps on Infinito

With the release of this DApp “store”, Infinito Wallet is now not just the universal home to leading coins and tokens on the market, but also for innovative blockchain...

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