Hunt Hidden “I-N-F-I-N-I-T-O” Letters inside Infinito Wallet to Win INFT!
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Here comes the cherry on top of #Infinito2Years party: a special, limited-time game inside Infinito Wallet app where you collect the “I-N-F-I-N-I-T-O” letters to win $50 INFT!


Infinito Wallet “Find Hidden Letters” Game

When: 7th to 13th January 2020.
*Important: Please update Infinito Wallet to version 2.20 to join

Step 1: Login to your Membership account. At Home screen, tap on Captain Infinito to collect the first letter “I”

Step 2: Collect the rest of the letters in different wallet feature screens on different days during the campaign time. To know exactly when and where each letter is released, join our Telegram.

Step 3: When you finish collecting all letters, tap Check your result.

Step 4: Follow our instructions via your Membership account email to verify your information and claim the prize.

Prize: $50 INFT each for the first 100 users to collect all letters.  

(Equivalent of 45662 INFT tokens as of 11:30AM SGT (UTC+8) on 7th January 2020 according to Coingecko)

How to collect the special letter “F”:

Refer a friend to register Infinito Membership and verify their account anytime from January 7 – 13, 2020.

*Note: This is completely separate from our previous Referral Program. Any friends you referred before January 7th, 2020 will not be counted for this.

To ensure fairness and eliminate fraud, our team will check and gradually announce the 100 winners in batches starting from January 14th, 2020 via the “Winners” section below in this blog.



Here is the full list of winners who successfully completed verification to claim their prize. 

Congrats to all game winners! Your prize will be delivered from 17 to 20 Jan. 

Important Game Rules/ FAQ

Q1. I won the game, how can I get my prize?
Within 2 hours after completing the game as the top 100, you will receive an email with instructions to verify your information and claim rewards. Please follow the guideline in the email to claim your prize. In case you do not reply to our email within 24 hours or fail the verification process, your winning slot will be saved for the next users.

Q2. How will the reward be distributed to me?
You INFT rewards will be distributed from 17th – 20th January 2020 to the ETH address linked to your Membership Account.

Q3. I did not make the top 100 fastest collectors, can I still win?
If you didn’t make it to the top 100 fastest collectors, you can still have a chance to win if the top 100 winners fail to claim their rewards. Please check the “Winners” section of this article and check your email inbox regularly.

Q4. I don’t know when and where to find the hidden letters?
Each letter will be released randomly during campaign time. To get updated the moment a letter is released, follow our Telegram to get notified on the go. Please check our pin message for details.

Q5. Verification Failed, what should I do?
Each user can only verify once, please make sure to follow our instructions in the email. If you need any help from the Infinito team, contact us via [email protected].

Q6. I received my INFT reward but why it is less than $50?
The total amount of INFT rewards you received is based Coingecko market price at 00h 00 on January, 7th, 2020. Each winner will receive $50 = 45662 INFT.

This Minigame is a special thank you gift from the Infinito team to our user community for the biggest support in the past 2 years.

We hope you enjoy it, please keep on supporting us so we can bring you more games like this in the future!

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About Infinito Wallet

“作为用户的主要通用加密货币钱包,Infinito钱包是用户最大化其加密货币使用和潜力的门户。我们的DApp浏览器-App Square-可以访问最具创新性的区块链应用程序,满足日常用户需求。 Infinito 钱包扩展了我们的合作伙伴网络,旨在建立一个实用的区块链服务生态系统,包括交换,ID / KYC解决措施和其他区块链相关的商业服务。同时,我们通过Infinito区块链平台来支持开发商和企业社区。开放区块链技术基础设施和合规就绪服务,以便让它们能够有效地无缝地构建,启动和运营创新产品和服务。


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